About NorFalk

NorFalk consists of an ambitious team that, with expertise deeply rooted in the world of chemistry and biotechnology, is in full swing scaling and later commercializing the first surfactants. We have already established the first collaborations with suppliers and customers and expect to have the first product on the market in 2024. 

Through industrial partnerships, both nationally and internationally,
we want to create a global biotechnology company that will help shape a future without environmentally harmful ingredients in our consumer products.

The team

Kasper Falkenberg

Kasper Falkenberg

CEO, co-founder

Business lead strategy, Customers, Funding
8 years experience within sales and service M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Eng.

Food enthusiast, crossfitter and
father of three.


Nicklas Nørgaard

CTO, co-founder

Technical lead, Administration, Economy
Research experience in UK
M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Eng.

Hiking and father of one.


Lasse Løber, Head of Marketing and Sales

Lasse Løber

Head of marketing, People & Culture

Marketing, PR, Team well-being & performance
4+ years of digital marketing experience in public & private sector, 5+ years as owner of a PR firm. M.A. in Applied Philosophy, M.Sc. in PR.

Meditation, running and father of three.


Helena Rasmussen, Research Scientist

Helena Rasmussen

R&D Manager

Surfactant and enzymes specialist Development of new surfactants
5+ years of research experience in DK, UK & BR
Ph.D. in Nanoscience (Biophysics)

Travelling, diving, rowing and board games.


Oliver Gedde, Research Scientist

OIiver Gedde

Research scientist

Synthesis specialist.
Development of sustainable surfactants.

5+ years of research experience and experience with entrepreneurship.
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Synthesis and Catalysis).
Travelling, soccer and board games.
Father of one.


Daniel Lind, Research Scientist

Daniel Lind Jensen

Research scientist

Chemical specialist, Product development
1+ years of research experience. University tutor and student union volunteer.
M.Sc. in Nanoscience (Carbohydrate chemistry)
Food enthusiast and disc golfer.


Ulrik white outline25

Ulrik Abildgaard

Process engineer

Upscaling of surfactants
M.Sc. in Biotechnology and Chemical Eng.

Music and DYI projects.


Stine Asmussen, Research Scientist

Stine Asmussen

Research Scientist

Biochemical specialist, Product development
1+ years of research experience.
University instructor.
M.Sc. in Molecular Biology.

Travelling, outdoor life and exercising.


Vivian Rask

Student assistant

Student assistant
Studying B.A. in Biotechnology

Travelling and fitness.